Mariner Area
Mariner Area
Mariner Area

Mariner Area

8.89% (Statoil 65.11% operator, JX Nippon 20.00%, Dyas 6.00%)

Mariner Field

The Mariner Field is located 150 km east of the Shetland Islands. Siccar Point acquired its 8.89% non-operated interest in the field from JX Nippon in August 2016.

Mariner is currently the UK’s third largest* field and is situated on the edge of the East Shetland Platform. It has an expected field life of over 30 years and the initial development phase is expected to contribute more than 250 million barrels after it comes onstream in 2018. The field is being developed with a production, drilling and living quarters (PDQ) platform based on a steel jacket with a floating oil storage unit (FSU).

Mariner has two main reservoir units: both are Tertiary sand sequences of excellent quality. The older sands, known as the Maureen, are comprised of stacked deltas and slope sediments. The Heimdal sands lie above the Maureen and are also deltaic and slope sediments but in addition have undergone soft-sediment remobilisation and now form distinct stratigraphic ‘geobodies’. Recently acquired 3D seismic has enabled detailed reservoir mapping for both reservoirs with the Heimdal ‘geobodies’ now being mapable as distinct volumes. As a result of these recent and ongoing assessments, the expected ultimately recoverable reserves are expected to far exceed the current reserve estimates.

Statoil is an active and committed operator and continues to assess the entire Greater Mariner Area (GMA) for its ultimate recoverable resources. As well as ongoing development drilling and continued seismic assessment, further exploration and appraisal drilling is planned as well as the expected use of enhanced oil recovery techniques. Two exploration wells are planned for 2017 in the GMA. 

Mariner East and Boatswain
8.89% (Statoil 65.11% operator, JX Nippon 20.00%, Dyas 6.00%)
Possible Development

Mariner East and Boatswain Fields

The Mariner East Field and the Boatswain Field are discoveries close to the Mariner Field. Siccar Point acquired its 8.89% non-operated interest in these fields from JX Nippon in August 2016.

Oil was discovered in Mariner East in 1997 in the Maureen reservoir. Mariner East lies 5 km to the south-east of Mariner. The development concept for the field is dependent on the recoverable resources in the area. The current volumes justify a probable sub-sea tie-back to the main Mariner PDQ. If either of the two exploration wells being drilled in 2017 are successful, their volumes combined with Mariner East could justify a new platform development.

Boatswain was discovered in 2015 with oil in the Maureen reservoir. The field lies 10 km to the west of Mariner. It will most likely be developed as a sub-sea tie-back to the Mariner PDQ.

* Source: Wood Mackenzie