Bond Investors

On 31 January 2018, Siccar Point secured its first Bond issue with the successful closing of an oversubscribed $100 million, 5 year fixed rate (9.0% p.a.) senior unsecured bond. Nordic ABM is a list of registered bonds and is managed by Oslo Børs. A second $100 million tranche of this bond was issued on 19 March 2019. On 19 February 2021, Siccar Point announced that it had successfully refinanced this bond with a new five year, $200 million senior, unsecured bond again with a 9.0% p.a. fixed coupon and with a final maturity in 2026.

Investor Roadshows

Siccar Point welcomes enquiries from bond investors and will host meetings for Investors after each publication of its Interim Accounts. The management of Siccar Point will also present at key Investor conferences throughout the year.

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Siccar Point Energy Limited Accounts

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