Environmental, Social & Governance

Committed to producing UK energy responsibly





Siccar Point Energy is committed to producing oil and gas responsibly and operates solely in the UK, providing a secure home-grown energy supply in support of UK Net Zero and energy transition goals. Our environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy sets out our pledge in relation to the environment, caring for our workforce, supporting communities and adhering to the strictest regulatory and governance codes.

We have a range of performance measures to ensure that the highest standards are met.

For our non-operated assets, we carefully select partners who sign up to the same principles and work closely to reduce impacts on the environment and society.

Our planned Cambo development will be delivered under the umbrella of our Health Safety & Environmental Management System ensuring best practice is employed in both design and operation. 

It has been designed with the most modern equipment to reduce emissions, and to operate without the need for routine flaring or venting of hydrocarbons. It would produce less than half of the amount of CO2 for each barrel produced than the average UK field when production commences.

  • The development is being engineered in compliance with all EU and UK emissions and waste management regulations and directives
  • Innovative well construction methods being used to reduce emissions from drilling operations
  • The design philosophy minimises routine flaring and venting and reduces carbon and methane intensity as far as practicable
  • The facilities are designed to optimise energy efficiency and facilitate best environmental monitoring practices in operation:
    • Integrated power, heat and fuel design to reduce energy demand - facilities built electrification ready, to be powered by renewable energy when feasible.
    • Selection of the most energy efficient rotating equipment and power drivers for life of field operations
    • Use of dry low emissions (DLE) turbines to reduce NOx emissions
    • Using best available technologies and techniques in smart field Leak Detection and Repair for monitoring and minimising methane and other fugitive emissions